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Pompei. The oldest and largest archeological ruin in the world. A city covered and laid to rest by the lava from the explosion of Mount Vesuvius.
Naples under ground. A fascinating tour of ancient napolitan ruins under the living city.
National Archeological Museum
Markets, designer shopping and antiques. All within walking distance from Micalò.
Food. Micalò is surrounded by some of the best local food restaurants and bars in Naples.
Boats and Beach! Relax on one of the many beaches just a short walk away or see the bay of Naples by boat.
Italy’s third largest city, thrives on the chaos that prevails and its busy streets.

This is the place where pizza was invented and its restaurants continue to serve some of Italy’s finest cuisine. Sheltering on the bay of Naples and dominated by the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, Naples is naturally imbued with the best of nature’s bounty. The city mix of superb museums, Renaissance and Baroque churches and noisy markets. A great place from which to explore the Amalfi coast, Pompei and Herculanenum. You can’t miss a trip to the isle of Capri, the cathedral Duomo, the Capella San Severo and the fabulous Museo Archeologico Nazionale. - web master
graphic by Mariano Barone